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We empower people in the Himalaya region.

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A new discovery

Chinserve staff find miserable hygiene situation in the resettlement villages of former nomads: Missing sanitary facilities and sicknesses are expressions of a multi-level poverty.

A great triumph in Yan's life

Since the death of her father and brother, the young Yanhaizhan (Yan) has lived quite a difficult life taking care of her mother who suffers from a physical handicap. Thanks to support from Switzerland, Chinserve facilitated the means for the maturing, young woman to attend secondary school and now university.

Development can't be bought

Chinserve visits regularly a primary school in order to encourage socially disadvantaged children in their learning. Half of the children live only with their grandparents. Their parents work far away on a construction site or a factory and come home only once a year. These left-behind kids have a less than ideal learning condition. 

Our work
Our work

Thus we understand Development Cooperation

Chinserve empowers people in the Himalaya region in the areas of Health and Education

The goal of Chinserve ist to enable individuals from the native people groups for work. This happens through schooling, vocational training, and coaching. 

Chinserve works in teams, bridges cultures, and contributes to peace-building transformation in individuals and society.

Chinserve encourages individuals and families to personal responsibility and shows paths towards problem solving. In this way people come out of the loop of poverty and gain perspective for the future. Through the impartation of occupational competencies (knowledge and skills), our investments are multiplied.

Yan aus Tibet
Only healthy people can learn

Homevisits are important in the daily life of Chinserve’s work. The first question ist always: „What do you want us to help you with?“ Ill members are binding one working relative to the house which means the person can’t earn money outside. This is one reason for poverty in this region. That’s why the focus is on health and prevention for the whole population. 

Yan aus Tibet
A better future - thanks to training

In the remote regions of the Himalayas, there are still today families with children who cannot practically read or write. Their parents did not have or had very little opportunity for an education in school. Their possibilities in the job market are therefore very limited. 

Emergency aid
Rapid help in times of distress 

Chinserve helps immediately in emergency situations, so that through a quick response, effects of the hardship do not worsen. 


A few examples: 

  • A patient in the hospital has run out of money, and as a result, his medical treatments have to be discontinued. Chinserve pays the bill so that the therapy can proceed, and the distress is minimised. 

  • The washing machine of a large family which hosts orphans broke down. Within the Chinserve network of friends and supporters, a donor stepped forward to pay for a new machine so that the mountain of laundry could be reduced. 

  • The school for nomadic peoples had no more coal to heat their facility in winter. Within a week Chinserve organised the remaining finances so that the teachers could purchase the coal. In the following week a delivery truck left the city and brought the coal for the whole winter to the school (1000km away).


Chinserve stands ready in emergency situations to help directly, simply, and without expectation. 

Get Involved

Chinserve is a nonprofit organisation. Your investment is transferred directly and promotes sustainability among the people in the Himalaya region. The western staff members are supported by private donations. 


Your support gives perspective and a better future to the people of the Himalaya region.Tax-deductable donations can be made to the account of Chinserve at:

Erlachstrasse 10
CH-3270 Aarberg


IBAN: CH13 8080 8009 8126 5528 2


Multiply your pledge through a promotion for Chinserve! Support a specific project or start a campaign:


Collect donations for Chinserve among friends and acquaintances:

  • at birthdays

  • at Christmas

  • at anniversaries 

  • or simply because...

Get involved in your area by starting a promotion: 

  • in your school

  • at your place of work

  • in your club or association

  • or wherever you live...

We will gladly assist you in your promotion or campaign.


You can get to know the work of Chinserve on-site. By arrangement, Chinserve staff will introduce you to the life and culture of the Himalaya Plateau. Your collaboration as well as encounters with the peoples of the country are all part of the adventure. With the current world situation this has to wait some more time. 

The team
Get involved
The Team
From people to help people learn to help themselves

About six staff members are committed to the endeavours of Chinserve in the Himalaya region. Experienced, educated, and competent project leaders from Switzerland are available to and consult with on-site staff members. 

Together Chinserve engages with the peoples of the Himalaja region eye-to-eye: from people to people we aim to empower and equip people. In Switzerland the endeavours of Chinserve association are carried through voluntary participation.


The Swiss board of trustees account for the strategic orientation of Chinserve.


Chinserve empowers people in the Himalaya region in the area of health and education.

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