We empower people in the Himalaya region.

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A new discovery

Chinserve staff find miserable hygiene situation in the resettlement villages of former nomads: Missing sanitary facilities and sicknesses are expressions of a multi-level poverty.

A great triumph in Yan's life

Since the death of her father and brother, the young Yanhaizhan (Yan) has lived quite a difficult life taking care of her mother who suffers from a physical handicap. Thanks to support from Switzerland, Chinserve facilitated the means for the maturing, young woman to attend secondary school and now university.

Development can't be bought

Chinserve visits regularly a primary school in order to encourage socially disadvantaged children in their learning. Half of the children live only with their grandparents. Their parents work far away on a construction site or a factory and come home only once a year. These left-behind kids have a less than ideal learning condition. 

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Yan aus Tibet
Yan aus Tibet
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Chinserve empowers people in the Himalaya region in the area of health and education.

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